Staff Information

  • Name: Micheal Obia
  • Job Title: Health Supply Chain Governance Stakeholder Engagement Officer

Obia Micheal is a pharmacist with over 7 years of experience implementing and supervising public health supply chain systems. Specifically, he has supervised the supply chain tenet of an HIV and TB prevention and treatment program in the West Nile and Kampala regions. While in this role, he ensured the consistent availability of medicines and laboratory commodities by supporting the domains of the logistics management cycle, i.e., quantification, procurement, delivery, use by patients, and data collection.

He was also involved in efforts to establish and accredit new HIV treatment centers in the refugee settlements in West Nile to extend these services closer to the refugee population from South Sudan. Eventually, over 20 hospitals were set up in about 4 refugee settlements and benefited over 2,500 patients.

He is passionate about data science and its potential to optimize work processes and programs, as well as health finance, because medicines and their supply chain systems require a lot of capital to purchase. He hopes to continuously apply economic optimization strategies in pharmacy so as to improve access to medicines for the people who need them.

Micheal holds a bachelor's degree in pharmacy (Makerere University, Uganda), a master's degree in public health (University College Dublin, Ireland), and a postgraduate diploma in financial evaluation of supply chains (Empower School of Health, Switzerland).


Research and Publications

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