Member's Information

  • Name: Dr Arthur Bainomugisha
  • Position: Board Secretary

Dr. Arthur Bainomugisha is the Secretary to the Board of Trustees and currently the Executive Director of ACODE. He is former a Lecturer of Peace and Conflict Studies at Makerere University in the Faculty of Religion and Peace Studies for over 15 years and is currently a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Public Administration and Governance at Uganda Christian University, Mukono. He previously worked as a Civil Society Fellow at the International Peace Institute (IPI), a New York based public policy think tank. He has authored several research publications, book chapters and articles on Peace and Security, Natural Resources and Local Governance.

Dr Bainomugisha was also a Technical Advisor for Uganda Peace Support Team on South Sudan and was involved in brokering a peace agreement between SPLA (IO) and the Government of Uganda when fighting broke out in December 2013 in South Sudan. He holds a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies; a Master’s Degree in Peace Studies from University of Bradford (UK). A Diploma in National Security from Galilee Institute, Israel.