Citizen Engagement Action Plans (CEAPs)

    The CEAPs are citizen-generated action plans for using tools of civic engagement to engage the district leadership through their councillors so that persistent service delivery issues are addressed. They are an end product (or outcome) and as such a central part of the Community Engagement Meetings (CEMs) which are aimed at not only creating civic awareness but also steering the citizens to agree upon actions for demanding response on specific service delivery needs. In 2015, ACODE piloted the CEAPs with the overall goal of deepening citizen participation and engagement in the development and accountability agenda at local government level.

    While there is an array of civic engagement tools, ACODE's CEAPs focus on citizen petitions, Letters, and community meetings convened by citizens. These ultimately constitute the CEAP outputs. These tools act as vehicles for citizen voice. The ACODE Researchers and Budget Champion Network coordinators, who facilitate the CEAP process, are drawn from like-minded civil society organizations in the districts. The CEAP approach deepens the role of CSOs as important intermediaries between citizens and government. In this role, they both amplify citizen voice and monitor government response to the action plans.